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QC - Global

Academic Network


This is an invitation to all Queen’s College Alumni and Students

We have developed a career guidance program to connect Queen’s College students with Queens College alumni, allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable experience and advice for career development from successful and experienced Queen's College alumni.



A global approach in the age of digital technology and introducing a student-centric program through our Knowledge-Based Initiative




We are inviting anyone with business expertise and knowledge and willing to share their experiences in their careers, to join the Knowledge-Based Team…


The Team of Mentors chosen to host the Knowledge-Based Initiative will be selected from qualified business professionals in a wide range of disciplines. This is a voluntary position


As a KBI Mentor, you will be connecting with QC students as a career guidance counselor via live presentations and offering your best advice on the educational requirements of your profession, benefits and other valuable input derived throughout your career.

Once  KBI – Phase II is fully operational, Phase III will expand the program as follows…

Academic and educational institutions in Guyana will be invited to participate in the Knowledge-Based Initiative 

QC- Global Academic Network will help thousands of students gain access to this planet’s most valuable asset: knowledge. No matter where or who they are.


 The way we connect with each other. We are proud to be pioneering the future of academic networking.

Oil & Gas 

Thanks to the new discoveries of Oil & Gas reserves in the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Guyana, the country has entered a world of previously unthinkable opportunities for jobs at almost every level. There are thousands of careers that are now available and for decades to come, in this industrial sector.

Information Technology

As Guyana enters a vast new world of Business and Industrial growth, the requirements for technical capabilities in the workforce, expand exponentially. Every sector will need qualified technicians that have the ability to monitor and manage the new digital advances in the world of technology.


It is recognized that Guyana can become the breadbasket for the entire Caribbean due to its extensive land areas dedicated to agricultural crops, rice, sugar, vegetables, and many others that are required to maintain the healthy lives of the populations in various islands communities.

Here at home, the increase of workers required to support the industrial growth in the country requires an expansion of agricultural products, and new opportunities for careers in land management and farming will ensue.

Health Care

Heath Care

The expansion of Health Care in Guyana is now entering a new phase. New Hospitals, Emergency Care centers, Nursing and health care professional training facilities are being built to serve the growing needs of the population. This is an absolute necessity for the country to keep pace with the industrial and commercial growth and the provision for health care to international standards.

Alternative Energy

New opportunities and careers are now available in this growing industry. Climate change has made this the new horizon in search of renewable energy sources. 

The most popular sources of alternative energy are solar, wind, hydro, and tidal, all of which Guyana has in abundance. Choose one of these environmentally conscious career paths to your future success.

Business Management

As the country’s industrial sectors expand, the need for professional business management skills is required to manage the growth of the commercial sector as well. At every level, the need for entry-level workers, middle managers, and the capability of managers are necessary to facilitate the efficient functioning of support organizations and maintain operational stability.  

QC - Global Academic Network

Knowledge-Based Initiative (KBI) 

 Career Guidance Program 

Phase I

Career guidance – for a wide range of new and exciting career opportunities that will be required to assist Guyana in the growth of new industries now under development.


Knowledge-Based Initiative (KBI) 

Mentorship Program

Phase II

One-on-one mentor/student interaction

The QC- Global Academic internet via satellite connection can be obtained through different devices, with access to data at high-speed internet.


This will allow us to carry out our mission of continuous educational activities and communicate through videoconferences, and access to email, among others.



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