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A Career Guidance and Mentoring programme to connect Queen’s College students with Q.C. Alumni allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable experience and advice for career development from successful and experienced counselors and mentors.

The Career Guidance programme will be provided by a knowledgeable and experienced person in a particular field, and who has a broader understanding of the subject matter.

The subject matter experts (mentors) will provide individualized information and the educational knowledge required for their specific careers directly to students online, and in a face-to-face live presentation.

Bring out and develop the inherent potentialities of an individual. Guidance has an important contribution in achieving these goals. QC- Global Academic Network programmes consist of a variety of co-curricular activities which can, if guided properly become a vehicle for self-development.

Career Guidance is the process of helping a student choose a career path by considering his/her present and future requirements for success.  It is a step-by-step process with deep knowledge of a particular subject.  These programmes better prepare students for the changing Guyana workplace that has given rise to a multitude of new industries.









Welcome to Global Academic Network (GAN) Technology, where we strive to make a difference in the lives of young students in Guyana. We are proud to partner with Chronus Mentoring Platform, a reputable interactive application with over 15 years of experience in mentorship programs, and successfully utilized by a broad range of organizations, corporations, hospitals, and learning institutions worldwide.


GAN has developed the Knowledge-Based Initiative (KBI) as the program for delivering online secure communication through the Chronus software, which is a reputable interactive mentoring application.

Our objective is to help students identify and pursue their desired career paths with ongoing assistance from experienced mentors.


Students/mentees will be matched with the best possible mentors to help them achieve their career goals. Once mentors and mentees are matched, they will be able to engage with their mentoring partner via chat and video call and will have access to a world-class resource with an enterprise platform structure via Chronus.


Chronus is a secure platform and conforms to all requirements under the Children’s Online Protection Privacy Act (COPPA) for online protection for young people.

Our Mentoring Program looks to establish a learning relationship, generally focused on long term career development. 

Our Guidance Program involves personal help given by our Mentores; it is designed to assist students to decide where he or she wants to go, what he or she wants to do, or how he or she can best accomplish his purpose

The goal is to bring out and develop the inherent potentialities of an individual.  Mentoring and Guidance has an important contribution in achieving these goals.

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