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Funds donated to the Global Academic Network will be utilized for the following programme;
The Knowledge-Based Initiative (KBI) will
• provide online career guidance for students at Queen’s College in Guyana in Phase I
• provide ongoing mentoring online and in person for students and graduates from Queen’s College in Phase II
• provide both Phase I & II to other schools and educational institutions in rural communities across Guyana

The KBI will be delivered through Chronus ©, an interactive platform with a stellar reputation, delivering mentoring to thousands of schools, universities, hospitals, corporations, and industries worldwide.
All funds collected by The Global Academic Network will be used exclusively for the development and ongoing delivery of the KBI to students in Guyana.

We graciously ask for your support for this project by pushing the DONATE button below.

All donations will receive an official receipt for tax purposes

We thank you for your generosity – The Global Academic Network.
please visit our website – or
email us at

QC - Global Academic Network Donations

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QC - Global Academic Network Donations
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